Cancer Moon

Hello there #Cancer Moons!! Lets get through this together!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>> to find out your Moon Sign

♋ Hey there Cancer Moon Babies! How are you? How’s your family? <—-one of the greatest questions you could ask this Moon sign! Whether they are sad or not! They LOVE their families! If they were not raised with the greatest fam, they will search it out in other ways. If you meet a Cancer Moon person who lives alone and is not connected to a family unit of ANY kind, you have found a VERY depressed C/M! The beautiful thing about this sign is that Cancer’s planet IS THE MOON! This lucky group of people have a great connection with their emotions and can really work though any of them with more efficiency than most Moon Signs. There is a catch tho. Since they are SO emotional, they may have been taught at a young age to disconnect from their feelings. They may have been told that they are WAY too emotional and to … well … suck it up! You may know a few C/M ppl who seem cold and -or- uncaring. This is just a learned habit from childhood. Trust me, they feel things, and they feel them deeply! They just don’t allow them to come to the surface very often! There is also another extreme to this sign … the over the top emotional person. A lot of the time the Rising and -or- Birth Sign will give you an indication as to why they are sooo extreme with those emotions! For instance a Scorpio {Rising or Birth} paired with a C/M would be a very emotional soul. A Leo {Rising or Birth} would cause a C/M to be a bit showy w/those emotions. So ya, the other signs will really clue you in to why and how these deep souls feel. So! How do we make them feel better? Well! As mentioned before, family is BIG to them. As a C/M, if you feel off, call up a family member, or connect with a person you feel is a part of your family. If you find yourself a bit depressed, try to join a group of some sort! Be it online, or in person, connect with like minded ppl. I wouldn’t suggest joining a sports group. Competition is not really a C/M thing. It’s not that they don’t like the comradely, its that they don’t like to see disputes and competition among their family. Another great healing tactic is to let a friend or family member talk out their problems with you. For you, healing their issues is a greater balm for your hurt feelings than for any other Moon Sign. If you can’t get to a person to help you get back to a sense of normalcy, try re*arranging your family home! Make your house cozy and happy for you and your family. Maybe run some errands for your loved ones. Or even buy them something special. Another great tip for C/M’s is that your emotions will pass. Embrace them. Go with the ebb and flow of them. They may be down now, but they will come back soon. Please don’t think that your emotions are fleeting or shallow, quite the opposite! But the intensity of them will diminish and you will be able to better resolve them once they have. Also, pay extra close attention to the moon and her phases! They REALLY effect you! I mean REALLY + REALLY + REALLY! I won’t tell you which will do what cause it’s all deeply personal! What may work for others here may not work for you. SO! Just pay attention. Look for ups and downs emotionally, and also when you feel empowered and ready to get a lot done. In addition to this, I would also say look to the Moon when she dances into the different signs. Each Sign she goes through effects you profoundly. She is your guiding light, so use her to your advantage! :~D


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  1. I have a cancer moon and a taurus sun, and gemini rising 🙂 how would this affect my moon and how I feel do u think? 😀

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