Scorpio Moon


Hey there #Scorpio Moon people! Let’s do this!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>>​/ to find out your Moon Sign

♏ Hello dear Scorpio Moon Babies! Why don’t you lead this dance? No, really, I insist! <—perfect comforting thing you can say to a Scorpio Moon person! The Sign of the Scorpion is one that is quick on the draw with emotions and the psychic abilities! So when you find Scorpio hanging out in the Moon (which shows us our emotions as well as other things) you find a person who’s emotional state can -on occasion- get the best of them. If you know and love a S/M person, don’t fret if they lash out on you emotionally, they will charge ahead pretty quickly. The saying “let bygones be bygones” really suits them when they are hurt. Unless you continue to hurt them, of coarse! Then the “Once bitten twice shy” saying becomes their mantra! Having a S/M means that you are more than likely a profoundly powerful Empath….SO! you really FEEL what others feel. Scorpio is a highly psychic sign and this extreme ability in your Moon lands you with exceptional empathy for others. Unfortunately for many S/M people, this ability combined with the famous Scorpio need to control lands them in the land of vices. Many turn to things that can help them escape this bombardment of emotions and overall sense of the world around them. If you find a S/M person who is hooked on TV, or anything for that matter, you have found a S/M person who is having difficulty dealing with their over-intrusive world. Like a celebrity who is hounded by the paparazzi, S/M people just want to be left alone! So how can we get them there? WELL! If they (you) are a spiritually open person, SHIELD! Ask Archangel Michael or whomever you find to be protective and comforting to shield and protect you….EVERYDAY!!!!!! And multiple times a day! ESP if you are going to be around a lot of people! If not, just take time to really understand if your emotions are yours or someone elses! Allow yourself to differentiate between your own and the world at large. Another great way to help out a S/M person is to give them something which they can control….i.e a video game, a story THEY write, training a dog, washing dishes, planning a day or trip or event of any kind, etc. Any kind of thing that gives them control brings them peace. In a world where we don’t have much say in what’s going on, it’s nice for S/M ppl to be given SOME control when things go to hell for them! The flip side of this is taking control from them. On occasion, S/M’s get fed up with having to always be the emotional breadwinner, so to speak…..SO if you can take charge for them and tell THEM what to do in a situation, they will be grateful for it! This is usually something that comes in handy in extreme cases. If you are S/M person and you don’t have anyone to take charge for you and it is -once again- up to you allow yourself to relish in the act of being in charge. If there’s no hope that you can control a situation, find mini situations that you can control. Re-arrange your house, decide how you are going to live your next day, etc. Do what you can to control YOUR world because, in the end, that’s all we really have control of…and we don’t have much in that department either! As loyal and kind as your Moon is, during times of distress, it is probably best for you to turn in and find control and order in your own world….tho I know that for you the biggest healing and peace can be derived from controlling others, it is important for you to grab a hold of whatever you can…and that usually comes in the form of your own world! Keep those shields up and detach from the world when it becomes too much, and you will be just fine! Tho try not to pull in too much because your insane amount of psychic abilities can really be used in this world! And they were given to you for a reason! But just don’t let them control you! <—like how I did that? Scorpio gift from me to you! ♥


Libra Moon


Hey there beautiful #Libra Moon people!! Let’s rock!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>>​/ to find out your Moon Sign

♎Hello Sweet Libra Moon people! What can I do for you today? How can I help you? <—-Those are some of the most comforting questions you can ask a Libra Moon Baby! Please don’t make them face things alone! Although, on many levels these people MAY just be the best suited for *dealing* with things alone, they just can’t stand it! A Libra Moon person will turn to just about anyone to ask for help on a situation. The sign of the scales LOVES to weigh things out. They like to get all sides of the story, see all angles, and know how everyone feels about it before they make a decision! So if you know one and you happen to give them advice on a subject and they go and ask someone else after, don’t be angry! That is just how they find peace! As a L/M person, if you find yourself having a difficult time, talk it out with someone you love! If you can’t find someone, talking to an empty room will do! Seriously! Just hash it out with yourself! Having the influence of Libra on your Moon (which shows us how we deal with our emotions among other things) you have the natural ability to see all sides of an issue. And this especially applies to inner wars that may be going on. You can logically see where you emotions took over and pull yourself back. Libra is the only sign in the Zodiac that isn’t a human or an animal. It’s an inanimate object. This doesn’t make them any less human than the other signs, but it does give them an air of detachment and logic. So when you are truly upset by something, use that famous Libra logic and work it out! Partnership brings L/M people great joy! This isn’t to say that they can’t be happy alone, but they do find total peace when with someone they love. So if you are dating or married to a L/M person, let them come to you when they are sad or upset. They may want to talk it out, or they may just want to *be* with you. The cool thing about all Libras is that they LOVE balance. SO when they are sad, they usually are looking to fix that issue so they can be happy again. As my Mentor Thor puts it, they always see sorrow in joy and joy in sorrow. Even with extreme happiness, they can see sadness in the distance. So when they are sad, they know that the pendulum or scales will come back to joy soon enough. L/M people can at times feel somewhat manic, but you may never see that. They tend to keep it on the inside until they can’t take it anymore! Then they will explode with passionate fury! And then the scales will come back to balance and they will be cool again. To comfort a L/M person, let them talk about their problems. And don’t be afraid to tell them your honest opinion on the subject. Just don’t get bent outta shape if they don’t follow it! People born under the Libra Moon, take time to meditate and listen to soothing music while in a comfortable environment. If you are finding that you are agitated at all, turn to music/art/beauty of any kind to bring you back to peace. Your emotional health seriously needs peace in order to be happy. If you find a L/M person living in a chaotic environment that is loud and emotionally charged, you will find a aggravated person! They really need down time in order to be sane! And this may not include their beloved partner, so let them decide how they want to balance out their scales and you will have a very happy L/M person! ♥

Virgo Moon

O-k all you #Virgo Moon people LET’S ROCK! Here’s some info on comforting the people who’s birth fell on a the Moon of the Virgin.

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!..

♍ Those born into a a Virgo Moon tend to be a bit reserved with their emotions. This is not to say they don’t have them…quite the contrary! They just like to keep them to themselves, unless you are helping them figure them out! Virgo’s are diligent workers who love organization. Having your Moon (which likes to show us how we deal with our emotions) in Virgo means you may have the tendency to compartmentalize your emotions. Virgos love to find out why things happen, which is precisely what Virgo Moon people like to do with their emotions. SO! If you are a Virgo Moon, know one, or have a Virgo Moon baby who is upset, let them work through the issue….and I mean that quite literally! Work is quite therapeutic for people of this Moon Sign. While doing the task at hand their mind (which is always going) pulls apart the issue and figures out what they must do to deal with the situation. A V/M person who is going through a rough patch may seem like a work-aholic, but they are just healing themselves. And no, they aren’t running from the issue, they really are working through it! I have a V/M and this is SO true of me! When I was told the tragic news that my favorite Uncle had suddenly passed away from a heart attack, I picked up my cleaning stuff and gave my house the best cleaning of my life! I also worked the next day! I was able to really work through the shock and pain of it by doing physical labor. It helped me heal faster than sitting and watching TV would have done for me. So if you don’t have such a big issue on your plate but feel off or sad, take some time to clean and you will be right as rain! V/M minds just tend to drift off and find the answers they need when they are busy working. If for some reason you can’t get your answers and / or demystify your emotions, the next best thing is to talk it out with a person who can almost work as a sounding board for you. If you know and love a V/M person you should feel honored when they come to you with their emotional problems. This not only means they trust you, but that they know you can help them. We even think thoroughly about who we will approach if we can’t figure something out! So feel good when they do this! And NEVER feel bad if they don’t because they have to take things through their own filters before they can give them to someone else to deal with. If you are a V/M or know one who has totally let their house go or is out of work you have found a person who has sunken into depression. To help yourself / them out of it, get them to get up and become physical again. The Virgo influence on our emotions causes us to really feel guilty if we don’t lift a finger all day, so do little things each day until you find your own groove again. And NEVER tell a V/M to get off their lazy ass and clean!! That will just make it WAY worse! Lovingly guide them in the direction and allow them to do it on their own time.

A loving reminder

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A loving reminder:

You ARE:











Gifted / A Gift!

The only one who can BE YOU!

The only one who can do what you can do!


*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:. May each day bring you closer to understanding these simple truths about you. May you feel the truth in your own existence. And may you find unimaginable love, peace, and beauty in your waking world! May your dreams ripen into even sweeter realities!

~* Alysia Markoe Johnson

Un-claiming Baggage

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Un-claiming Baggage

.:: Each and every moment we have the potential and the ability to wipe our energetic slates clean. Many people do this by clearing energy. Or by thinking “It’s not important” or “Stop thinking that.” Many times these little thoughts work. However it is usually only for a short amount of time. Memories, thought patterns, repeat. They come back, or they evolve into something much bigger and more frustrating! Another issue is that many of us claim baggage that isn’t even ours to begin with! We worry, we get angry, we dream up scenarios that will never ever happen! If we hold onto these thoughts and give them power, then they will consume our every waking thought! We will become obsessed. It’s amazing to think about how many people you talk to in a day aren’t even paying attention to you because they are so wrapped up in their own thoughts. SO! What do we do about this? How can we end these thought patterns? The best way I know is to purge! These thoughts MUST come out! If they remain in our heads they just play over and over like a broken record. But if we let them out, we let them free. There are a number of ways to purge ones thoughts. You can speak to a friend or family member. This is a great way to release the words, however, it has the potential to sprout more thoughts. And you must be wise about whom you share your thoughts with. There are times when it is a great energy exchange, but we must remember that this is what it truly is. Do not pass your bags onto these people. Do not ask them to bare the burden of your worries or fears. There are times when the right person can help you transmute the energy into something beautiful and beneficial to you both! Another good way to let it out is to talk to yourself out loud. If you have a spiritual being whom you like to speak to, do so at this time. But out loud! Have a conversation. Wait for the response in your head. <—don’t worry, you are not crazy! It is actually a beautiful experience! LOL! This is something that I call verbal meditations. You pick a subject and you hash is out! Talk until you feel it’s better! Talk until it is solved. You can also do this in meditation. Allow yourself to go to a place where you can either talk to yourself or a Master / Angel / God / Gods / Goddesses / Family Members. Talk it out. Let it all go. This is quite beautiful and rewarding too. My favorite kind of purging is to write it out. To either hold a pen in my hand and let it tell the story of my pain, OR to type it up on my laptop. When I do this, I don’t hold back. I let it ALL out! I say things that maybe I’ve been afraid to say. Some times I’ll write it as if I’m writing a letter to the person who is on my mind. No thought is too dark, and no word is too weird. I let it flow! I let it totally out. Sometimes I keep the draft. Others I’ll burn it or trash it. And on occasion I will look back at it and see how I felt at that time. This heals the situation —for me— even more! It’s incredible to see how far I have come or how wrong I was in my worrying. It really does feel good to un-claim the baggage that weighs me down. I always feel new and fresh afterwords. I may even cry and scream. Whatever it takes to let it go. Something about letting it go like that makes me feel like I understand the situation better and can more confidently either speak to people about it, or deal with it. And some thoughts and situations need to be purged multiple times! Especially if these thoughts and patterns are long standing in our lives! The important thing is that you don’t beat yourself up for having the thoughts again after you thought you let them go. To be angry with ones self for such things just give the feeling more power! There is where the evolution of the thought and feeling happens. There is where we let it take over!

Happy writing / talking / releasing!


Alysia Markoe Johnson


Alysia Markoe Johnson

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Dude Energy -vs- Chick Energy

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Dude Energy -vs- Chic Energy


.:: We all have it. Guy energy, girl energy…..Dude energy, chick energy. Each and every one of us has this balance within us. Some of us are more naturally male then female or vice versa. I have been getting this message in a lot of my recent readings that I have done both for others and for myself! It has been something that has been called to my attention for sure! Every time it comes up, it seems like my guides have me tell them, “Find the truth within yourself. Let yourself define exactly what the Feminine / Masculine energy is.” I have told women that they need to up their chick energy and they laugh because they are “ultra girly” already. BUT! There is a distinct balance within the different energies too! For instance….if you look at this in a black and white kinda way, men are tough and go get what they want. —hunters. Women are nurturing and loving. —gathers. WELL! Women have their own way of being tough and getting what they want! And men have their own way of being gentle and nurturing. The energies are very distinct and different. And we all have the ability to have all of this within ourselves! There are times that call for us to be more male then female, and there are times when we just feel like being more like one or the other!

.::Last night I had a realization that I’d like to share here. Our male / female sides are as unique as we are! It is amazing how different we all can be. Many people talk about our “inner child” and some say “I don’t like his inner child! I like him…but when his inner child comes out, I don’t like him!” Just as we have this little one inside, we also have a guy and a girl hanging out in there! LOL! There are also positive and negative sides to our male / female sides. In my realization I saw that I was letting my lazy female side come out for a long long time! She likes to pout and watch TV for hours on end! However she is also an amazing nurturer who is a go getter and a rallyer! But I was hanging in that “whoa is me” side of her for a long time. I know that there’s a negative side to my male side too, as well as a positive. I realized the best way to find your male and female sides is to look to those you look up to. Look at famous and non famous people whom you find inspiration from. Their style and energy is most likely what your male / female energy is like. For instance: I look up to women like Angelina Jolie and Joan of Arc. On a good day my feminine energy can match theirs. In men, I look up to lead singers of bands. Men like Gerard Way and many other lead vocalists! I like their sense of fun, control, sensitivity, and outgoing natures. On a good day, I am also like them.

.::So take a look at your energy today. Do you need to up the chick or the dude energy? And maybe take a moment to define this energy within you! Once you understand it greater, you can use it to your advantage! Knowing when to bring in your male or female side. 🙂


~*Peace! —Alysia Markoe Johnson


Alysia Markoe Johnson

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Empathy and Guilt

Empathy Pictures, Images and Photos

Empathy and Guilt


.:: Yesterday was a day like any other. However my Horoscope rocked my world! I read one simple line that opened up doors that I had no idea existed!! Here is the line….. “Sensing their feelings makes you feel responsible for them!

—>All my life I have been a very sensitive person. I learned later on in life that I am an empath. I feel so profoundly what people feel that it can, at times, be overwhelming! I also have suffered from anxiety for most of my life. My anxiety usually boils down to one word….guilt. This sentence hit me like a ton of bricks! THIS is where so much of my guilt stems from. I feel what others feel and therefore feel that it’s my fault somehow! As a kid I remember feeling this way. I remember wishing I could stop someones sadness and tried to figure out how I caused it…and thought if I could figure THAT out, I could fix it! I always took on others issues like they were mine to bare too…. This simple sentence says it all! It freed me! It helped me let go of all the “burdens” that I thought were mine!


Alysia Markoe Johnson

Halloween Lessons

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Halloween Lessons

.:: Yesterday was Halloween, or Samhain for me and all my Pagan friends. This year I had a bonfire in front of my house and passed out candy as I listened to Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales and Poems on my ipod. I also wrote out all the things in my life that I am ready and willing to release. I wrote them, thought about them, meditated on them, and understood that they no longer serve me. I wrote them —then tossed them in the fire! Felt really good! After letting them go, I stated what I was ready and willing to welcome into my life. What new chapter I embrace. Felt amazing! I feel so good this morning. So centered. So at peace. I now understand even more about who I am. I get it. And I love it! I also did a bit of channel work and I need to go back and read it to understand what was said! —All in all, it was a beautiful night! Full of magic and wonder!

>>>> ~*Peace!

>>>>>>> Alysia Markoe Johnson

Letting go of Useless Burdens

letting go Pictures, Images and PhotosLetting go

>>> Yesterday I had a lighting bolt of understanding strike me with intensity and a vengeance! I was pondering a situation in which a person whom I believed to be my friend wronged me….wronged me BAD! I began to get mad. I began to think about how I couldn’t believe the person did this to me. I began to relive the story over and over in my head. —Then suddenly I heard:

It is not useful to you to bare the burden of this persons actions. They are the ones who have done the wrong. They are the ones who should be feeling the burden…not you! Release this. Let it go. This is not your burden to bare.

{I am a clairaudiant so I tend to get a lot of my ah-ha moments and messages this way}

It was such a great release! I understood that me holding on to this wasn’t hurting them at all. It was hurting me. There is no reason for me to relive the actions and to live within this story forever. It needs to  be let go. So I did. And I feel amazing! I hope I can remember this lesson next time something like this happens…

>>> ~*Peace!,

>>>>> Alysia Markoe Johnson

It’s all you need…

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Love / Amour / Aşk / αγάπη / Láska

.::Today the reading of the day was allllll about LOVE! I pull cards Monday—Friday for my friends on Facebook. Asking what the energy of the day is. But I also pull cards just for me. It was really interesting because both spoke of love. I got the sense of romantic love and just plain love love. 🙂 So, I got myself ready to go to work and decided to work extra hard on making myself look lovely. 🙂 I won’t go into detail, but I felt the affection of people around me. I worked on not only looking lovely on the outside, but also on the inside. I literally tried to radiate love! It really was quite beautiful! I experienced some static from a few people, however I just kept beaming that love. Their issues remained theirs and I went on to have a beautiful day! If anyone came at me with negative words, I just laughed and smiled. I never cracked! It felt great! And I can honestly say it never bugged me! Yesterday was all about peace and I felt it majorly! Today was allllll about love! And I felt that immensely too! It’s interesting how we can shift our own minds if we just focus on one beautiful thing. It helps when you know that the static you receive is not at all about you! Knowing that so many times people are angry at someone or something totally different then you really helps! Kinda melts away any knee-jerk reaction. Gives one a sense of detachment from any of their drama. I love it! Very freeing in it’s own way. 🙂 I’m excited to see what beauty tomorrow brings!

>>>>> ~*Peace!,

>>>>>>> Alysia Markoe Johnson

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