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Aquarius Moon


Ello, ello quirky #Aquarius Moon friends! Let us ROCK!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>> to find out your Moon Sign

♒ Hi Aquarius Moon Babies! How are you? What do you think about this situation? <—-Aquarius Moon people LOVE + LOVE + LOVE + LOVE logic! The image of the Aquarius sign is a confusing one as it is a water bearer…one would think this would be a person who is emotional, because water represents emotions {esp to the zodiac!}. However Aquarius are one of the more logical signs. Like Libra, they are seen as distant and detached. What triggers an Aquarius Moon person then? What brings them down? When people try to tell them how to be, what to do, or try to define them! Drives them crazy! A/M ppl LOVE to be free. For them it is emotionally draining to be stifled in any way shape or form! If you try to tell them they are one way they will be the other just so that they won’t be told how they are! Even though their emotions are held at a distance -even to themselves!- it doesn’t mean they don’t have them! They are deep and can suddenly rise up. When a A/M person finds themselves in the throws of an emotional eruption, they *must* have friends / family / community around them to help sooth them. A/M ppl are some of the friendliest and most loyal ppl of the zodiac! This gives them a HUGE following and support system. They rarely use this, but when they hit a bump in the road, those people who they helped so many times come running to them! If you know and love an A/M person, don’t be offended or frustrated if you find them to be a bit emotionally unavailable. This doesn’t mean they don’t care. Let them show you their love in many other ways. Logic runs deep for Aquarius {Sun, Moon, or Rising Signs}. They LOVE to see what makes people tick! If you, as an A/M person, find yourself off or upset, take some time to fully understand WHY. If it involves a person,  figure out why they did what they did! This will pull you out of the sticky emotions of it all and bring you back to your eccentric self again. A/Ms are one of the more complex of the zodiac. They are a walking contradiction. SO! A/Ms, if you find yourself down in the dumps, try something new, something perhaps out of your character. Aquariuans HATE to be defined, so why do that to yourself! Try something new and different, it should snap you right out of whatever you are in. As much as logic and reason can help you, art and beauty can also help you! Perhaps taking the time to create something unique that you can wear, or can put up in your home will loosen up the shackles of sorrow. If that doesn’t do it, then try searching for something unique that you can display at home or on yourself. Puzzles are another thing that can really sooth an A/M person. Whether they are actual jigsaws, trying to figure out why a person did what they did, OR finding the perfect meaningful gift for one of your many friends, they help you work out the knots of worry and sadness. So dare to be different and work those puzzles to find your inner peace when the occasional emotions bubble up to the surface!