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Aries Moon

HI #Aries Moons! Let’s charge ahead!!!!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>> to find out your Moon Sign

♈ Hello Aries Moon heros! CHARRRRRGGGEEEE!!!!!! <—-This Sign LOVES to do that! :~D Got an issue, lets face it head on! Aries Moon people tend to have their emotions under control. If they get mad, they are mad, if they get sad, they are sad. If they are happy….you get it. They don’t find intrigue or mystique in their feelings, unlike many other Moon Signs. A/M ppl are the types who take to things, that many would consider scary, like a fish to water! This powerful group will be the first one in the family to begin to organize a family funeral when a loved one passes. They will be the one to lead the charge when many may be struggling with their sorrow and pain. This is not to say that A/Ms don’t feel as deeply as others, it’s just they see it in a matter of fact way. And if you EVER try to tell them how to feel, you will feel the full force of the warrior! If that warrior ever is wounded, the best way to pick them back up is to remind them how great they are! Tell them all the great things about them, show them how you admire them. Another great way to help them out is to show them that you were hurt. They will put aside their own sorrow to take care of whatever you need. A/Ms are a very passionate bunch. If you (as an A/M) should feel down, turn to one of your many passions. -Such as fighting for those less fortunate or weaker than you. A/Ms love to lead the charge against many injustices, so when you feel off, turn to these things. If you should stumble upon an A/M person who is listless, unengaged, or even meek, you have found a depressed A/M! This powerful Moon should be just that. They are here to help us embrace our own emotions and demystify them! Should you feel off in anyway, treat a friend to lunch! Show them a good time! It will set you straight. As much as an A/M likes to hear how great they are, they are really profoundly giving and loving. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so they are always seen as the “first child”. So yes, they like to be fluffed up, but they also love to set their own needs aside to help you out! When Aries charges into your Moon, you tend to find yourself being more interested in helping others than being told how great you are. The Sun in our chart is the ego, that shows us how we like to be looked at. So when Aries is in your Moon (A-K-A your shadow or hidden side) you tend to cultivate the less showy side of this powerhouse sign. So when darkness begins to overshadow your heart, look to those less fortunate than yourself and help them out. As an A/M person, it’s not like you don’t understand WHAT and WHY you are feeling what you are feeling, so you just need to adjust your focus during these times. The other side of this Moon Sign is that your emotions can be quick to flare. Usually it’s your temper that takes center stage. When this happens you may feel like the proverbial bull in the china shop. When your anger slips it leash, you feel some of your greatest regret and sorrow. The best thing you can do when your anger rises is channel that energy elsewhere. {like the causes I spoke of earlier, or fighting for a friend/loved one} I feel a strong sense that A/M ppl would benefit greatly from exercise that is profoundly exhausting. Like running, biking, or swimming. Their bodies need to move when their tempers flair. So take the inner hint and go for a run when you feel this happening. By the end of it you will be back to normal and you will find your anger a thing of the past! If any of you saw the new movie Thor, he is a PERFECT example of an Aries spirit! Do the best you can to appease your inner warrior and you will be a dynamic powerhouse who can seriously change the world!