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Trusting your feelings


I am going to speak to you all about something very personal which happened to me. I was going to keep it to myself as I tend to be the type who likes to lick her wounds alone, but this is something I know must be shared. So as difficult as it is for me to say this, I feel I must share it.

I was molested by a “Healer”. This man approached me at one of my fave spots to unwind. When he approached me I immediately felt like he was no good. But I put it aside because I wanted to believe he could help me. I have been going through some of the most difficult times of my life. I am going through major growing pains so to speak. I know that these changes are for the best, but when he came to me….I was at one of my lowest points. I felt exposed, vulnerable, and profoundly helpless. The previous evening I had prayed (begged really) for some help. When this man came to me I originally thought he was not a good person, but then I thought, “You asked for help. Here is your help.” So I accepted his invitation. He told me that he doesn’t charge for his services, that he believes that if he charged for it, he would loose his power. So he knocked down my financial wall. I agreed to meet him at a public spot so he could read my palm and give me healing. So I met with him. I was very nervous about meeting him tho. I sent a pic of his business card to a friend just in case. (all signs that I should’ve listened to) I met with him and and he read my palm. He told me some profound things. He also told me some things that I didn’t agree with. But such is true with most healers and psychics that we meet. You must only trust what feels right or resonates with you. He said a few things that made me squirm, but when he spoke to me it felt like a teacher speaking to a student. Nothing too bad. So he then said he wanted to meet me to do his healing work. We decided to do it on my birthday. Sounded like a wonderful way to spend my special day ….. I was wrong.

The day of the “healing” I was nervous again. I was profoundly worried that something was going to go wrong. I should’ve listened to that, tho as my friend pointed out, it was my birthday and nothing bad is supposed to happen on your birthday! I will not go into detail as to what happened in that room, but it was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my whole life! I had to make him stop many times over and should’ve made him stop for good but I wanted to believe that it wasn’t what I thought it was. He tried to touch things that should not be touched by a healer, EVER. As a healer myself, I should’ve known to totally stop him then, but I didn’t. He didn’t do anything that would’ve constituted rape, but if I hadn’t controlled him, I believe he would’ve. He has been calling me since the day and is getting meaner with each message he leaves. I will be going to the police as I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Esp someone who would assume all of this was acceptable.

Having now been through this, I now feel it is necessary for me to talk about it so other Women and Men know that if they are by any means uncomfortable with a Healer’s work, they have the right to stop them! Perverts are many things, but the one thing they rarely are are discriminators, they come in every profession, every type of personality, every spiritual belief. Do not ever think that just because the person is more knowledgeable about a healing modality than you, or comes from a country that is famous for healing, that they can do something to you that makes you uncomfortable. If there is something that causes you discomfort, they should find another way to do it, and be happy to do so! This man actually told me that he heals men different than how he heals women. He said he works on Men’s heads only. He doesn’t take the “venom” out of their bodies, like he does women. I asked him “Well, then can’t you heal me like you heal Men?” He laughed and said “Don’t be silly my dear! You are a Woman!”

If anything positive can come from this horrid experience, my wish is that my words can help prevent it from happening to someone else. Please, everyone always listen to those gut instincts and NEVER once let someone do something physically to you that makes you uncomfortable, esp if they are doing it under the guise of a Healer. Healing work should be beautiful, profound, and cause you to feel a million times better after you walk away from the session.

And if this has ever happened to you, know you are not alone! Know that you are not a bad person and YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS HAPPEN! IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Don’t be ashamed! Move forward, one step at a time and let it be a lesson for you. I have learned more about myself in that brief encounter than I could’ve in hours of meditation. Trust me, I’d prefer the meditation, but I can’t turn back the hands of time. So I embrace the lessons given to me and I hold onto faith in myself and my guides. I know that life is still profoundly beautiful and that I am a much stronger person because of all of this! Hold your heads high and listen to those gut feelings everyone! And NEVER -EVER- let someone steal your light!

Shine on! ,



Angel Yoga healing sequence

A gift from the Angels

.:: This beautiful sequence was given to me just the other day. It is very powerful~!!! For some this may feel a bit silly or sound kinda strange….but give it a try and see how beautiful it feels!

.:: You find your comfort in Warrior 1….

warrior 1 pose Pictures, Images and Photos

…..With hands raised above you say, “I welcome in all the Divine love, peace, joy, and abundance.” <—-or something similar. See a beautiful ball of healing,  Divine light filling your outstretched hands. Lower this ball to your heart as you turn your body to Warrior 2…..

yoga.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

…..Before you open your arms, keeping them at your heart center in prayer position, say “I welcome in this beautiful love and healing” and as you open your arms to complete the pose, say “May it permeate my soul so it can radiate from me. Healing all who I come into contact with.”

.:: You may feel guided to stand here for a bit. Just allow the love, healing, and blessings to flow in and around you. 🙂  My wish is that this beautiful gift from the Angels will bless you all with perfect love and perfect peace today and always~!!!

.:: Also, a special thanx to Birkan Tore. He has a beautiful chakra healing method that this comes from. If you don’t know this amazing spirit, please visit his website: and you can be his friend on Facebook:!/BirkanTore?ref=ts Oooorrrr you can follow him on Twitter:

~*Namaste~  —-Alysia

What is your home’s purpose?

The Bali Cottage at Kehena Beach Pictures, Images and Photos

What is Your Home’s Purpose?

.:: Just as we have our life’s purposes, so do our homes. As I sit here, looking out my window at my beautiful St. Francis statue that has birds merrily hopping around it, I begin to feel the full truth of this message sink in. Back in early Spring I began to feel a gentle nudge from my beloved Saint to help heal animals on a broader scale……For those who don’t know me, I am a pet healer….. I knew that I lacked in the funds I desired to help animals, and I truly desired to help animals of all kinds~! —-Not just the ones that live in our homes! So, St. Francis lovingly guided me to set up an energetic healing place for animals……AKA my home! I told him that I didn’t want strays to come to me necessarily, but I wanted to have an energy bubble —if you will— around my home that would help all sick, sad, etc animals. This pure intent and wonderful feeling has made my house much more then a home! It is a sanctuary! I feel the peace every time I step foot in this sacred space. Any time the energy’s off, I know. Be it my animals acting strange, a sudden lack of birds chirping, whatever…..but I know.

.:: So I ask you all, what is your home’s purpose? Take a few minutes to think about this. Is it a shelter for friends and loved ones? A place for people to laugh, heal, let their guard down~? Is it your sanctuary? Whatever it is, or whatever you want it to be…..take some time to bring your home’s energy to it’s highest glory! —-even if you live in a bedroom~!!! What does this special dwelling mean to YOU?!

~*Peace~ —-Alysia

Helping sooth our pets

The Moon in your animals

.:: As many of you may already know, your animals are more sensitive then you are! They know when an earthquake or bad storm is coming…they also feel the shifts and subtle undercurrents of energy which we may just sense as people bugging us, or a shorter temper.

.:: We just had a major shift in our world that some of you may have felt. It was ushered in by the full moon’s eclipse, and the planets aligning. It was presented to us by some really bad things happening which really came down to people not being able to control themselves.  So what does this have to do with our animals you ask? Well…they felt it too. Think about how they’ve been since last week. (this is when it all began) Have they been getting into more trouble than normal? Mine have! My dogs just ate through my bathroom trash bag! They ripped a part one of those reusable bags that you get for shopping! I have also noticed that one of my dogs, which never did this, was eating poop! Also one of my dogs, who never does this either, seems to want/need to sleep in my bed! There has been a sense of anxiety in my house…with a touch of mischief! Have you noticed this with your animals too? Think back on how you were with them. Were you more agitated this past week? If so…and even if not….here are some quick and easy solutions to help them regain their sense of peace:

Who  you can work with to help your pets:

.:: St. Francis. Ask him to come and help heal your beloved pets. Tell him what has been going on and ask him to heal them. To give them peace. You may also ask him to lend his energy to your home. Giving it that remaining peace and love that all animals (including us!) need. St. Francis is extremely powerful and animals respond to him really quickly! I have worked closely with him in my work with animals. Recently he helped me sooth and heal a chow who was, to put it lightly, freaking out. 🙂 He is a wonderful Saint to work with.

.:: Archangel Ariel. You can ask this beautiful Angel to help heal and sooth as well. She has a knack for balancing any animal who may be having a rough time. She seems to also be able to help them remember their manners! Simply ask her to come to your pets and help them feel peace and know that they are okay. I have also worked with her on keeping my dogs centered and calm. One day I was on a walk and saw that a couple with their dogs were about to walk by my house (i was almost home) and I knew my dogs were going to bark. They always did. So I ask Ariel to calm my dogs and help them not to bark at the passing dogs. They were totally silent! Worked like a charm! 🙂

.:: Archangel Raphael. Can’t talk about healing without bringing him in! 😀 Raphael works miracles! If this imbalance if effecting your pets, ask him for help. He will heal whatever it is that is causing this. I use him and Archangel Michael to heal my pets as I do myself. Every morning I ask Michael to cut cords to me and to my animals and to also remove any psychic attacks on us. I then ask Raphael to heal both sides of all of this. If I don’t do this in the morning, my dogs are nutzo! It really makes a difference!!

.:: There are many many beings you can ask for help! You can also turn to the unicorns and the fairies. (<—the are the animals guardians after all!) It is important for you to work with whomever you are comfortable with. There really is no right or wrong here. Many Gods and Goddesses are also great to work with for your pets! That could really be a whole ‘nother blog post! Just remember to keep your home safe and clean for you pets. And should you notice any kind of shift in the world, good or bad, keep an eye on your babies! Cause you better believe they are feeling it too!!!