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Hey #Sagittarius Moon friends!! Let’s ROCK and ROLL!!!

..!::!:!:!Note>The only info I am going to discuss here is how to comfort those born under these Moon Signs. There is A LOT more to our Moon Signs, AND it is very important to take in to account your Rising Sign as well as your Birth Sign. So the info I am going to share here may or may not strike a cord with you. So if it doesn’t don’t give up on Astrology completely! Get your Chart read and you will see how in depth it can be!:!:!:!.. visit>>​/ to find out your Moon Sign

♐ Why hello Sagittarius Moon Babies! How are you?! I was wondering, could you help me figure this problem out? <—-That is probably one of the quickest ways to help a Sag Moon person out of a funk! They LOVE to give advice, AND they are REALLY good at it! One of the most giving signs of the Zodiac, Sagittarius LOVE to help! SO when you {as a Sag Moon person} find yourself in a funk, focus on service! Turn to those you love and see what you can do to help them. Sagittarius’ are famous for not really fully understanding their emotions, so having this sign in your Moon, you may find that your emotions are a bit elusive -and or- expansive. You *may* feel like no one could understand your feelings so there’s no point in sharing them! When you find yourself in this place, take some time to figure out your feelings. See what it is you truly feel. Water them down a bit then talk about them! Share them with your friends and family. Let them help you a bit. For a S/M person, giving someone advice is a no strings attached thing. Once they tell you what they think, they let the outcome go. They are rarely offended if you don’t follow their advice. BUT! S/Ms have been burned by people who don’t share their views on advice giving. They have felt controlled by people who want them to fully follow their advice! SO! If you can water down those feelings and issues to a neutral place, you can find that ppl can be just as free form as you with their advice. One of the greatest ways you can do this is probably through humor. Tell your loved ones your sad story in a funny way. S/M ppl don’t like to get bogged down by emotions, so when they laugh at them they find them to be less scary or confining and can therefore work through them in a more efficient manor. One of the funniest signs of the Zodiac, Sag’s LOVE to tell and hear a good joke! SO when you find a S/M down in the dumps, watch a funny movie or show with them. When the problem seems less serious, they can face it full force. Another great way of healing for S/Ms is to get out there and do something! Plan a BIG trip! Or take a LONG drive somewhere. If they’ve got the money for it, take a far off vacation! If they don’t, just watch a travel show or read an article about a far off place. Sag’s also LOVE philosophy, ethics, and religion. So when you are feeling blue, read up on these subjects and -or- discuss them with someone. For S/M people it’s best to step away from extreme emotions and confining situations, if you feel that you are being controlled in anyway, do something that shows your independence. Have a soda just before bed! WHY? BECAUSE YOU CAN! ;~) Call off of school/work one day. Take yourself somewhere fun! Go for a long drive, take yourself on an adventure! Go see a funny movie! Be FREE! That is the greatest gift you can give to your aching S/M soul.